Thursday, March 28, 2013

Indian Restaurant in Nice


Funny, I didn’t really eat or like Indian food, and I am still very selective – that being said, I do enjoy eating occasionally at Shalimar, an Indian restaurant in Nice. Ok, I admit it – they got me with their free aperitif combination, a “Rose Kir” – a kir made with rose flavored syrup, both which I love! And I can’t eat just one serving of their garlic naan – light and delicious! Then, I had their signature dessert – some kind of spice (but bland tasting) cake with pistachios that was so lightly flavored and aromatic – not sure what it was exactly, but I could have eaten the whole gateau!

Rose Kir

Garlic naan

Vegetable korma

Chicken curry
Ice cream

Cake with pistachios


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