Saturday, October 6, 2012

“Une Affaire” To Remember

I am a nervous flyer – always have been. When I travel to the U.S. to visit family, I always dread the long flight in coach class. However, for my recent trip, I decided to buy a one-way upgrade to business class at a reasonable price – the difference was like night and day, and I even forgot, well almost, where I was!

It was very interesting to see how the ‘other half’ flies! I had priority status, which included access to the Air France lounge in Paris, where I ate a free breakfast and hung out until flight time. The height of the ramp to the upper/top seating level of the aircraft matched my upper level of anticipation and excitement for being able to totally recline in the oversize seat and have quality & service. True enough, I was drinking champagne before the cabin doors were closed and sitting alone, like a queen on a throne.

In contrast, on the return flight in coach class, I was lucky enough to have an empty seat next to me. So, I had more space and wasn’t as crowded as usual, which was nice. That being said, it wasn’t quite the same an flying in “La Classe d’Affaires” – a very pleasant and memorable trip, and now I’m spoiled!

Priority Airport Lounge

Vocabulary Lesson

Toiletry Kit
Foie Gras appetizer
Dessert plate
Vegetable Crumble


  1. Enjoyed the posting. Brenda and I are definitely on your wavelength here, it is easy to get hooked!

    There is a compromise that could appeal to you: Air France's newish "premium voyageur" class, though still expensive, is less than half the price of a business seat. Most other big airlines are proposing similar.

    Although it doesn't offer the same star treatment or food, the seats are authentic, spacious business seats.

  2. This is definitely something to check out for future flights - thanks for letting me know! Bises a vous deux.