Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beauty Center in Nice: A personal recommendation

The other day, I had a 3-in-1 special at my favorite beauty center (Centre de Beauté Renaissance) in Nice: a facial, body exfoliation, and a massage – nothing beats a scrub, rub, and polish, especially at a reasonable price!

The owner, and Margo (the technician, are both welcoming, friendly, and courteous. I especially like that Margo explains the products she uses (by the way, the “Ice Lift mask” feels great!), in case you want to purchase something, but without the hard sale feeling of being obligated. Plus, you are given a list of what was used, for future reference or purchase. I try to go every couple of months, preferring to spend my money on having another treatment, rather than for buying products.

French woman, in general, feel “bien dans leur peau” based on their natural beauty, which is probably helped with regular visits to their favorite beauty center!

(This is a NON-paid personal recommendation)

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